Outside Food & Drink Policy

A "Food/Drink Permit" must be purchased with admission if you bring any food or drink into the drive-in. (This includes bottled water, candy etc. 

Outside Food / Drink Permit (1 per vehicle) is $5.00. Each permit includes a free bag of popcorn.

Why charge you a fee to bring food into the Drive-In? All movie theaters rely on concession sales to make the business work. A large percentage of gate receipts goes to the Movie Companies.

This small fee  will allow customers who wish to bring their own food and/or drinks to the Drive-In the flexibility to do so while helping Star View Drive-In to stay in business to entertain you again next year.

A fine of $15 will be charged when customers do not comply with this policy or customers may choose to leave the drive-in without a refund in lieu of paying the fine.​

****Our concession stand opens when the box office opens and serves through intermission.  After intermission is over we have candy, ice cream, and beverages available until the end of the 2nd feature.****

Star View Drive-In Policies:

​- ​If you come for the 2nd movie only, or if you arrive late, the price is the same

- We do not give refunds.

​- No re-entry - if you leave the premises,

​you will have to buy another ticket to enter.

​-We are not responsible for accidents.

​-Movies are broadcast over radio sound

​88.5 FM -​  ​if you can't run your radio without any lighting, bring a portable radio or rent one from us as we will not allow ​any lights (interior or exterior) during the shows.

- Be kind and courteous while the movies are running, talk quietly.

-Watch Your Kids -if your kids are in the play ground, so should you. (We do allow balls in the playground area, however, if they hit the screen you will be asked to take the ball back to the car, if repeat offenses occur, you may be asked to leave.)

-Stay off all fences.

​- Large trucks, SUV's, and anyone planning on leaving their hatch up should park behind the concession stand as a courtesy to others. (You may be asked to move if the need arises.)

-We do not allow open fires (this includes candles) or barbeques of any kind.

-Well behaved pets are welcome as long as they are leashed at all times and you must clean up after them.  Any aggression shown by a dog will require immediate removal. 

​-Patrons that smoke - please be courteous to those around you and pick up after yourself.